The Morgan Library by Renzo Piano

lights to project the trees shadows onto the white facade

Design Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Paris

Executive Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects, New York

The Pierpont Morgan Library in the heart of Manhattan was built early last century as the private library of financier J. Pierpont Morgan. Since 1924, the complex has served as a public research library and museum for exceptionally rare books, manuscripts and drawings.
Apart from the extension and preservation of the historical buildings, the architects created a new internal courtyard with contemporary steel and glass pavilions of the following scope:

4,400 m2 steel cladding, curtain wall and skylight systems. Steel framed glass doors for the main entrance and staircases.

Glazing: insulated and laminated low-iron glass units with solar gain Low E coating

Additionally supplied: sunshading devices at designated areas, i.e. aluminium grating panels above skylights, vertical roller shades for internal and external use and motorized louver systems for roof light control.



One Response to “The Morgan Library by Renzo Piano”

  1. piazzamanin Says:

    and what a great place it is. i’ve been there and i felt at home (coming from genova, italy, which is becoming a little renzopianoland – not that I’m complaining!)

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