design statement checklist


Local area Location of the site

General description of the surroundings,

e.g. urban, residential and industrial

Is the site in or near a conservation area?

Site description Planning history

Ownership of the site

Adjacent land uses, and relevant planning proposals

Heritage conservation – listed buildings

Focal points



Views to/from/over site

Topography – contours on the site

Microclimate – wind, sun orientation, exposure, shelter

Services Public utilities, e.g. underground services, drainage

systems, overhead power lines

Public services available locally, e.g. schools, public transport


Surrounding buildings Building lines – groupings, rhythms and plot/feu sizes

Entrances – styles and sizes

Windows – styles and sizes

Active frontages

Scale – height and massing

Appearance – details and materials

Use of the space Use of spaces between buildings – public/private

Day, night, seasonal variation of use

Prohibited activities, security arrangements

Hard landscaping Location of street furniture

Condition and maintenance

How people use it

Public art/sculpture trail

Soft landscaping Landscape character

Quality of landscaping

Need for ground modelling

Nature conservation area

Wildlife habitats

Tree Preservation Orders

Play space/recreational space


Vehicular movement Surrounding road and street layout

Access, parking and circulation

Bus & tram stops and routes, taxi stops, cycle routes

Areas of vehicular/pedestrian conflict

Use of traffic measures, e.g. speed humps, surfaces,

crossing points, bollards

Servicing arrangements

Pedestrian access Where are people coming from, going to?

Desire lines

Disabled access

Are people restricted from access due to any current

aspects of design?


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