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池永康晟 日本画頁

February 24, 2010


SUMIKA project by Tokyo Gas

January 14, 2010

Satoshi Matsuoka & Yuki Tamura

September 29, 2009

Sou Fujimoto: Interview and projects

July 3, 2009

interview, part 1

interview, part 2

Sou Fujimoto’s ‘cave’ and le Corbusier’s ‘nest’, a diagrammatic explanation of function.

House N

Final Wooden House

origami architecture

December 22, 2008


December 19, 2008

^look at the curves needed to make this

light box house by katsuyasu kishigami

October 1, 2008

corrugated polycarbonate sheeting was chosen for the walls round the courtyard to ensure that as much light as possible was available without compromising privacy.


September 14, 2008


63.02° house by Schemata Architecture Office (with cherry blossom)

May 1, 2008


Shibuya-ku House by Yuko Nagayama

April 3, 2008


The house, designed by Yuko Nagayama, is built on a long, narrow plot measuring 6,5 meters by 20 meters and is surrounding by tall buildings that cast shadows over it throughout the day.