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MAD Architects Sinosteel International Plaza

September 5, 2008

MAD’s design for this skyscraper is based around a cell-like hexagonal structure. While the overall effect does not appeal to me* I can recognize that the facade has least some signifacance rather than being a nice ‘futuristic’ pattern. The design is based on the varying temperature and daylight that affects the building by having different window sizes across the building.

“By mapping the different air flows and solar direction across the site, we were able to position different sized windows accordingly, minimizing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.”

MAD Architects

heat and solar mapping

heat and solar mapping

Similar to Prada’s Tokyo flagstore by H&dM, the outer leaf is the main structural support. However, in terms of architecture the structure is better thought out by recognizing contextual issues.

facade sections

facade sections

*The Sinosteel Plaza is designed to be “natural, organic and futuristic.” The trouble with calling something futuristic is that, generally, at some point in time (soon) it will become outdated. ‘Futuristic’ is in the same field of words as ‘space age’ and ‘rocket cars’ for me. It never seems to take into account the vernacular, or if it does it seems to think the world is going to be a moonscape in the next 50 years **. I have a lot of issues with design like this which is why it’s nice to see at least some consideration for context in the form of the heat and solar mapping.

**I just realised that might not be too off the mark if you believe in climate change : |